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Macquarie $18m bid to mop up remaining shares in Bulletproof

22 November 2017 in Business Telecommunications

The Macquarie Telecom Group has launched an $18 million bid to buy outright the cloud services business Bulletproof which would…

Heads roll after leak of 57m Uber user details reported

22 November 2017 in Security

Ride-sharing company Uber has sacked its chief security officer Joe Sullivan and one of his deputies after it was found…

Google tracks Android users even with location services turned off

22 November 2017 in Security

Google has been tracking Android users even if they had location tracking turned off and did not have a SIM…

NBN Co promises new deal for RSPs and consumers

22 November 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

A new contract between the NBN Co, the company building Australia's national broadband network, and phone and Internet providers is…

Lack of planning, investment will continue to drive up electricity costs: report

20 November 2017 in Energy

With energy storage and a reliable, sustainable supply of power — and government energy policies — a hot topic in…

NBN users with medical alarms at risk, says Labor

20 November 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

The Labor Party has raised the possibility that NBN users may be at danger during the forthcoming fire season if…

Aussies increasingly turn away from retail stores to online shopping: report

20 November 2017 in Strategy

Australians are turning to online shopping after disappointing experiences with bricks and mortar stores and the inability to find a…

Apple may face another encryption stoush over Texas shooting

20 November 2017 in Technology Regulation

Apple may face another stoush with the US authorities over encryption after it was served with a search warrant by…

Pentagon intelligence op leaks data through Amazon servers

18 November 2017 in Security

Billions of posts scraped from the Internet in what appears to be an US Department of Defence intelligence-gathering operation have…

Rudd blames News Corp ties for 'sub-standard' Coalition NBN

18 November 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd claims the Coalition Government changed its NBN policy to ensure "a sub-standard network" due…

MyRepublic hit by carrier issues, speeds down for 13 hours

18 November 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

Small ISP MyRepublic has been dogged by speed issues from 6.30am AEST on Saturday, due to what it says are…

ABC leaks sensitive data through misconfigured S3 bucket

18 November 2017 in Security

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has leaked data online through two improperly secured Amazon Web Services S3 repositories, according to the…

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MyRepublic secures funding to accelerate APAC market growth

22 November 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

Singapore private equity fund, Makara, has taken a S$70 million stake in Asia Pacific Internet services provider MyRepublic.

Solar panel take-up rising due to power prices: GetUp!

22 November 2017 in Energy

More than 100 megawatts of rooftop solar capacity was installed across Australia in October, according to the Renewable Energy Index…

Solar, energy bodies merge into new smart energy council

22 November 2017 in Energy

The Australian Solar Council and the Energy Storage Council have combined to form the Smart Energy Council, a new peak…

Finder hit with ACCC fine for misleading consumers

22 November 2017 in Your Tech

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has slapped Finder (finder .com.au) with a fine of $10,800 for allegedly making false…

Economic benefits from move away from cash to card, claims VISA

22 November 2017 in Strategy

Sydney and Canberra stand to gain up to an additional $13.3 billion annually in total direct net benefits by further…

US Government clamps down further on H-1B visas

22 November 2017 in Outsourcing

The US Government has taken further steps to tighten the rules for foreign H-1B visa holders, reportedly removing the ability…

Remote Queensland town Gregory gets mobile coverage

22 November 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

Workers from Telstra have scaled a 100-metre high transmission tower to install equipment that will provide mobile coverage to the…

CA World '17: If your business doesn't have a 'Modern Software Factory,' will it survive?

21 November 2017 in Business Software

With 20 new offerings and significant enhancements in its product portfolio, CA is confident it has the tools your business…

HPE adds special sauce to Azure Stack

21 November 2017 in Cloud

HPE has found ways to differentiate its Azure Stack systems from those supplied by other vendors.

Telstra 'PhoneWords' founder buys Telstra's 85% stake, renames to 1300 Australia

21 November 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

The founder of Telstra PhoneWords, Gavin Scholes, and investors led by Aura Funds Management, have acquired Telstra PhoneWords and promise…

ownCloud adds secure authentication and authorisation

21 November 2017 in Open Source

Germany-based open-source file syncing and sharing software company ownCloud has added secure authentication and authorisation to its functions with the…

Businesses deliver improved digital shopping experiences for consumers: report

21 November 2017 in Strategy

Australian businesses have significantly improved the digital experience they provide, closing the gap to what consumers expect, according to a…

TechnologyOne heads to the clouds with 'record' growth, profit increase

21 November 2017 in Listed Tech

Enterprise software company TechnologyOne has attributed the growth of its cloud business for driving an eighth year of record revenues…

Many top websites tracking users' every move

21 November 2017 in Security

Many well-known websites are using third-party analytics scripts to track every movement of visitors to their sites, a study claims.

Exetel to sell Telstra Ethernet Access to SMEs

21 November 2017 in Telecoms & NBN

Internet service provider Exetel has signed a deal with Telstra Wholesale worth $40 million over two years, to supply Telstra…

Ex-Facebook manager calls for curbs on social media giant

21 November 2017 in Technology Regulation

A former operations manager at Facebook says the social media giant has exhibited a lax attitude towards self-regulation in the…

VIDEO: D-Link to crush competitors with 'fastest ever AC5300 MU-MIMO Modem Router'

21 November 2017 in Home Tech

Billed as "NBN-ready" and running with "the latest generation of blisteringly fast AC5300 Wi-Fi speeds, COBRA boasts a built-in VDSL2…

Amazon will face tech challenges in Australia: claim

21 November 2017 in Strategy

The chief technology officer of an application performance management software company claims that online retail giant Amazon will face several…