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Chris Leptos AM, auD chair

Australia’s domain administrator auDA has appointed two new independent directors with wide experience in governance expertise to its board.

Pixel cases waterproof, drop proof, dirt and snow proof: LifeProof

LifeProof has unveiled what it says is waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof protection for the next generation of Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones.

CA World 2017 Day 1 and 2, 14 VIDEOS: Exec interviews, Q&As, show floor tour and more

Whether it is the modern software factory, taking advantage of AI, agile management, digital transformation, DevSecOps and more, CA Tech's portfolio continues its sophisticated maturation.

There's no place for HomePod in homes this Christmas

That there's no place like home is something you don't need Sherlock Holmes to figure out, but an Apple HomePod in your home won't happen until 2018.

TPG, Vocus serve up challenge to Telstra and Optus: report

Australia’s TPG Telecom is now Australia's second-biggest provider of fixed-line broadband in Australia and is increasingly putting the big two telcos -Telstra and Optus - under competitive market pressure, according to a new report.

Telstra has a lead over NBN in offering ‘superior’ services: report

Telstra’s mobile network is well-positioned to offer superior services to those offered by NBN Co, the company building the National Broadband Network, according to the latest report by a telecoms analyst.

Lack of planning, investment will continue to drive up electricity costs: report

With energy storage and a reliable, sustainable supply of power – and government energy policies - a hot topic in Australia, a group of Australian academics has warned that without proper planning and investment in energy storage, electricity costs in Australia will continue to rise and electricity supply will become less reliable.

APIs are the key to integration

The growth in SaaS adoption is driving "a growing need for integration with existing applications and systems," both cloud to cloud and cloud to on-premises.

Ixia helps you peer into the cloud

Ixia's products provide continuous security assessment and let you keep tabs on cloud traffic - even that flowing between virtualised instances.

NBN users with medical alarms at risk, says Labor

The Labor Party has raised the possibility that NBN users may be at danger during the forthcoming fire season if their phone services are running off the network.

How you can engineer innovative initiatives to utilise plug-and-play bandwidth

The trend of "co-living" is the latest buzz phrase to emerge from Silicon Valley. This, despite the fact that people were living as roommates a long, long time ago too, and co-living is just another fancy term for it.

Aussies increasingly turn away from retail stores to online shopping: report

Australians are turning to online shopping after disappointing experiences with bricks and mortar stores and the inability to find a product while shopping instore, according to a new study.

Mobile malware hits all sectors, all devices: study

A survey of mobile malware attacks on devices in businesses located in the Americas, the EMEA region and the Asia-Pacific region has found that every one of them suffered at least one attack.

Kogan's super affordable Windows 10 laptops – better to buy an iPad?

In light of Apple's latest "what's a computer" campaign, pitting ultra-reliable, richly app-laden iPads with long battery life against cheap Windows computers, are Kogan's notebooks a good deal?

Financial phishing scams up sharply from a year ago

Financial phishing scams, which target online payment systems, banks and retailers, now account for nearly half (49.77%) of all phishing attacks, up from 34.33% in 2015, security company Kaspersky Lab says.

Apple may face another encryption stoush over Texas shooting

Apple may face another stoush with the US authorities over encryption after it was served with a search warrant by Texas Rangers who are investigating a shooting at a church in the state by a man known as Devin Kelley.

OVO cuts deal to sell products in Australia Post outlets

Optus-powered MVNO OVO has secured a second distribution deal with a partnership to offer its products in Australia Post outlets across the country.

With iPad, who needs a computer?

Apple has launched a fun, minute-long video looking at a teenager using an iPad all throughout the day, with an insightful question posed right at the end.

Intel's 5G 'new radio modems' hail iPhone 5G future

It's no secret that Apple and Qualcomm aren't friends anymore, with Intel reported to power future iPhones with upcoming 5G modems as it announces its XMM 8000 series family of 5G modem tech.

Red Hat OpenStack platform 12 imminent, paves way for Kubernetes in platform 13

Enterprise Linux vendor Red Hat is poised to release its OpenStack Platform 12. It’s the first step in a longer vision to ultimately deploy via Kubernetes. 

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