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Data-driven innovation has allowed consumers to search for better products and deals instantaneously and allows providers to price discriminate based on minute-by-minute demand analysis – but it also creates opportunities for collusion, according to the chief of the competition watchdog, the ACCC.

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Thursday, 09 November 2017 12:02

Yes, Optus too may need to refund NBN customers

A day after Telstra admitted that it had overcharged NBN customers, promising them unattainable speeds, Australia's second largest telco Optus has made a similar confession and said it is working with the ACCC to provide compensation to those who have been affected.

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Only 12% of those who have connected to the national broadband network as of 30 September have opted to take the fastest plans — 100Mbps/40Mbps — according to data collected by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which shows that a shade over three million people are connected.

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