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Glüh – not Amazon – the real game changer for IT managed service providers

Lorenzo Coppa (right) and Andrew Rauber (left), co-founders of glüh, which provides a revolutionary end-to- end IT ordering, quoting and procurement system for MSPs Lorenzo Coppa (right) and Andrew Rauber (left), co-founders of glüh, which provides a revolutionary end-to- end IT ordering, quoting and procurement system for MSPs

An innovative online program promises to be “even better than Amazon”, providing small to large IT Managed Services Providers (MSPs) with a revolutionary way to effortlessly sell IT products online.

As Australia prepares for the arrival of the US behemoth, glüh – www.gluh.co - will provide a genuine differentiation to the business clients of MSPs at a time of transition for the industry, according to company co-founders Lorenzo Coppa and Andrew Rauber.

Chief Technology Officer Andrew Rauber said glüh was the “secret sauce” behind City Software, which itself had a long history of innovation in IT sales”. Established in the early 90s, City Software grew to become Australia’s largest independent IT resellers in the 2000’s and had the fastest growth in 2010 CRN Fast50 for a company over 45M turnover.

“Glüh overcomes the resistance factors that make it difficult for MSPs to sell IT products, enabling benchmark speed, reliability and industry best operational efficiency. It’s less effort; more profit,” glüh co-founder Lorenzo Coppa said.

“Amazon is a game-changer and encourages further online spending as eBay did.  Glüh, in our opinion, is better because businesses trust the product offering of their MSP more than an impersonal marketplace.  Glüh delivers a more specialised IT product range based on locally supported product which can be professionally installed by the MSP if required.”

“Glüh simplifies IT product sales for MSPs – and their clients – with an integrated quoting, automated procurement and inventory and a customised online store based on the MSPs supplier product feeds.”

“Glüh can be set up with just a few hours of your time. The inventory is always up-to-date according to your own supply rules and you – or your customers – can browse your own recommended products, compare products, price and features with the click of a mouse”.

“It is no secret that MSPs have been wary about selling hardware; quoting can be time consuming; suppliers are constantly updating what’s on offer; items are in and out of stock and it is hard for MSPs to be price competitive.  Glüh enables an MSP to answer client product queries from any device in an instant – therefore an order can be placed immediately without the need for quoting in many instances.

“One client said “what normally takes 1-2 hours takes 2 minutes with glüh!”
“Many MSPs just don’t have the resources or, to be honest, the desire to be sell IT hardware and software, preferring instead to focus on what they do best: providing managed IT services,” he said.

“With a very effective search and intelligent linking of products like no other quoting system, glüh provides your clients with quick comparisons between products and comprehensive product information – including specs, manuals and images - with just one click.

“A few more mouse-clicks and glüh will take the order, automatically feeding it into ConnectWise or Xero, and initiate the procurement process.

“Glüh provides an opportunity for incremental product sales; “when clients can easily see IT products on offer, they buy more technology. When customers are on your website with any device, they’ll buy more from you. Your clients buy from you and you hardly have to lift a finger. It really is that easy. We commit to delivering a very good return for your money with negligible risk.”

Mr. Coppa said glüh will help MSPs “future proof” their businesses by enabling greater client engagement and keeping potential competitors out. “This really is an end-to-end system that allows MSPs to effortlessly add a whole new dimension to the services they offer clients. It is not over-selling it to say that this will completely revolutionise the way Australians do business.”

About Glüh

Glüh provides MSP’s with a fully automated, end-to-end sales, quoting, procurement and delivery system, enabling even the smallest to provide competitive shop front facilities to clients.

Businesses want to buy technology products from their IT service provider.  Small to mid-sized businesses will buy more technology if they know what is available and it is easy to buy.  Enterprise clients buy a significant number of smaller items; procurement managers love the glüh online portal!

Glüh enables a MSP to answer client product queries from any device in an instant; this is a cornerstone of client preference.  Save your time and your clients time because often a product order will be taken right away without the usual quoting process.  One client said “what normally takes 1-2 hours takes 2 minutes with glüh!”  (See more: http://www.gluh.co/#testimonials)

The Glüh platform evolved over 26 years facilitating the success of the innovative City Software group, providing the company’s backbone that consistently delivered 10,000 transactions per month with only 12 staff (customer-facing and procurement).  There is no more efficient system than the processes embedded in glüh refined over a million transactions.

The team at Glüh are passionate about bringing their unique experience to hundreds of Australia’s MSP’s in a partnership to transform how businesses buy technology.

The combination of clever process, online merchandising knowhow and 26 years’ industry experience adds a dimension to the smallest and the largest MSP for a broader engagement with their clients from SMB to enterprise.

Glüh offers a free 30-day trial with fully set up at no cost - including full integration to ConnectWise and Xero.   Allow one to two hours of your time for configuration and training - which you will save in the first quote or two!

Call Glüh on 1800 00GLUH (1800 004584) or visit  www.gluh.co to find out how your business and clients will benefit from Glüh.

•    About the Glüh product: http://www.gluh.co/#product  

•    Glüh supplier and system integrations: http://www.gluh.co/#partners

•    Pricing http://www.gluh.co/#pricing

•    Try Glüh for FREE http://www.gluh.co/signup

•    Pricing http://www.gluh.co/#pricing

For further information contact Lorenzo Coppa on 0412 103 903.


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