The hardest-to-see planet is on full show just after sunset.
As part of an eclipse that occurs almost entirely over the Pacific Ocean, far north Queensland will be treated to a spectacular view in mid…
In just a few hours, Felix Baumgartner's sky dive from 120,000 feet above the earth will take place.
After one giant leap for mankind, astronaut Neil Armstrong has taken his final step here on Earth.
The first images are in - the Curiosity rover has landed safely.
Want to watch the landing (or otherwise) of NASA's Curiosity Rover on Mars? We show you how.

Fish in space

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  • Space
  • 31 July
    After the Muppets gave us "Pigs in Space," what next but to have fish in space, courtesy of the Japanese and the ISS
    In preparation for his upcoming record-breaking attempt, Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner has completed a 29km-high parachute jump.
    Australian satellite company NewSat (ASX:NWT) has received final approval from the US based export credit agency, Ex-Im Bank, for a US$280 million direct loan as…
    Listed Australian satellite company, NewSat (ASX:NWT), has secured further export credit funding of US$102.74 million from COFACE, the export credit agency acting on behalf of…

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