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As soon as the sun goes down, four planets are putting on a show for all to see.
A full set of data from the WISE satellite has been released by NASA including a single-image full-sky chart of space in infrared.
While still having no idea why, Astronomers have confirmed that the Universe's expansion rate is ever-increasing.
Over the next few days, there will be some great opportunities to see the International Space Station just after dusk in Melbourne.
For longer than any of us can remember, science fiction writers have postulated that life on Earth was seeded by comets. Latest research suggests they…
NASA, in conjunction with a variety of international space and science-focussed organisations, is seeking to engage people around the world in a codeathon to develop…
Using a java plug-in, NASA's satellite tracker gives viewers a manipulable 3D view of every major satellite in earth-orbit.
Following its recent close encounter with the sun, Comet Lovejoy is offering an early-morning spectacle.
Following some concern that they didn't know where all their rocks were, NASA commissioned an audit - which confirmed they didn't know where all their…
For the night-owls, look up in the northern sky a little after midnight on Sunday December 11th and the moon which ought to be blazing…

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