So much for the "Mayan Prophesy!"
Pointing and laughing at the December 21st hoax is easy. Even easier to point and laugh at the (supposed) grown ups who think it's true.…
Asteroid passes very close by Earth Discovered only on the weekend, asteroid 2012 XE54 passed very close by the Earth on Tuesday.
Well, that's the novel theory proposed by three US-based physicists. Now they want to test it.
Go ogle 100,000 stars Google has just launched a 3D visualisation of the 100,000 stars closest to our solar system.
Total eclipse of the Sun tomorrow morning Whatever you do, don't look down!
The hardest-to-see planet is on full show just after sunset.
As part of an eclipse that occurs almost entirely over the Pacific Ocean, far north Queensland will be treated to a spectacular view in mid…
In just a few hours, Felix Baumgartner's sky dive from 120,000 feet above the earth will take place.
After one giant leap for mankind, astronaut Neil Armstrong has taken his final step here on Earth.

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