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A bunch of rock fragments purchased from a stall in Morocco may just be an escapee from Mercury.
When the Space Shuttle was the primary taxi to take astronauts to the ISS, it was a 2-day journey. No longer.
Look low in the west, just after the sun sets and it's there.
Previously thought to be as old as 16 billion years, the Methuselah star's age has been downgraded to a sprightly 14.5 billion years. But that's…
A recently-discovered comet may-well be on a collision-course with Mars in October next year.
Two spatial science researchers have completed the first research in Australia to integrate the well-established GPS technology with an emerging satellite system, Galileo.
Following the January 9th close fly-by, asteroid Apophis' orbit has been more accurately calculated.

Quadrantid Meteors

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  • Space
  • 02 January
    Some of the best meteors, but just for a few hours.

    Stanford's hedgehogs of Mars

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  • Space
  • 31 December
    Hedgehog-shaped autonomous rovers planned to explore Mars' moon Phobos.
    Conditions are right for this newly discovered comet to put on a great show late next year.

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