Australia: Lunar eclipse tonight Whatever you do, don’t look down!
Blood Moon eclipse on October 8th Eastern Australia will see the Moon rise in the early stages of eclipse on October 8th.
A space-suit - the ultimate steam-punk gift for your dog This belongs in the category: "you don't see this too often!"
Image: NASA/MSFC The Space Launch System (SLS) -- the heavy-lift, rocket under development to take humans beyond Earth orbit and to Mars has been approved to progress…

Life on Mars!

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  • 23 August
    Life on Mars! Did Curiosity photograph an alien thigh bone on Mars?
    A radiation detector travelled to Mars on the mission to deliver the Curiosity rover.
    A wonderful graphical representation of the distance from Earth to Mars.
    Comet ISON continues its relentless journey toward a (very) close encounter with the Sun.
    A bunch of rock fragments purchased from a stall in Morocco may just be an escapee from Mercury.
    When the Space Shuttle was the primary taxi to take astronauts to the ISS, it was a 2-day journey. No longer.

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