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Blood Moon eclipse on October 8th Eastern Australia will see the Moon rise in the early stages of eclipse on October 8th.
A space-suit - the ultimate steam-punk gift for your dog This belongs in the category: "you don't see this too often!"
Image: NASA/MSFC The Space Launch System (SLS) -- the heavy-lift, rocket under development to take humans beyond Earth orbit and to Mars has been approved to progress…

Life on Mars!

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  • Space
  • 23 August
    Life on Mars! Did Curiosity photograph an alien thigh bone on Mars?
    A radiation detector travelled to Mars on the mission to deliver the Curiosity rover.
    A wonderful graphical representation of the distance from Earth to Mars.
    Comet ISON continues its relentless journey toward a (very) close encounter with the Sun.
    A bunch of rock fragments purchased from a stall in Morocco may just be an escapee from Mercury.
    When the Space Shuttle was the primary taxi to take astronauts to the ISS, it was a 2-day journey. No longer.
    Look low in the west, just after the sun sets and it's there.

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