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Moto Z (2017) coming soon – Moto Mods rule

One of the best, Android phones in 2016 was the Moto Z with its innovative Moto Mods range that could add a Hasselblad camera, Ingrid battery, pico projector and more.

iTWire reviewed this about the same time as the Google Pixel/XL was released and it turned into a quasi-shootout - in the end the Moto Z and Moto Mods edged ahead of the excellent Google Pixel.

I have followed Moto since then, in part out of nostalgia for a once great brand and I sincerely hoped the Moto Mod concept would have more legs than the ill-fated LG Friends concept that turned out to be best for a removable battery. Mods have in fact thrived and there will be an iTWire article on that soon.

The new Moto 5.5” Z 2 and Z 2 Play (2017) will continue with more of the same winning formula, according to Slashleaks using updated technology – in Apple parlance, it is a “tock” year in the tick-tock cycle. And that takes guts in the year when the Samsung Galaxy S8/+ and iPhone 8 have taken or will take, quantum leaps forward.

That is because the Z/Play released last June has sold well enough with an amazing uptake of Moto Mods. Danny Adamopoulos, APAC head of sales at Motorola Australia, claimed the “attachment rate” (purchase and take-up) was off the planet! He said that in Japan the attachment rate was 94% because they were buying more than one Mod. Globally the attachment rate is about 50% and around 75% in Australia.

The spare battery (with and without a wireless charge coil) was most popular and the Hasselblad camera accounted for about 40% of sales. The Hasselblad is an amazing 10x optical zoom camera and now a constant travelling companion especially when covering conferences and events.

Moto Z Hasselblad

Slashleaks indicates that the Z will receive a dual camera and the Play will stay with a single camera. Moto is a proponent of big pixels which are best for low light shots and it tends to use better quality optical image stabilisation and lenses. DxOMark gave the Z Force camera 87 – so with an upgraded processor and image signal processors, it will not be a stretch to pass the Google Pixel at 89 this time around.

The Z 2017 will likely have a 5.5”, QHD, 2560 x 1440, AMOLED screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage, and all that the latest tech brings.

The Z Play 2017 will have 5.5” HD, IPS display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor and 4 GB RAM and 64GB storage.

Moto is part of the Lenovo group and as stated in earlier reports Lenovo is a long-term player. Expect to see more from Motorola.

Moto Z 2017

Moto Z 2 2017



Moto Z Play 2017


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