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Panasonic Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AllPlay speaker (SC-ALL05 review)

Panasonic has released a range of Wi-Fi, AllPlay, Bluetooth, speakers and devices that provide streaming, multiroom music.

The SC-ALL05 main claim to fame is its IPX7 water resistance – in the shower or outdoors but it is not for long term dunking.

It is part of the ALL Connected family that includes a CD player, TV sound bar, all-in-one, and speakers for most sized rooms. The SC-ALL7CD is reviewed here and as you would expect it shares a lot of the same characteristics so we won’t repeat too much – read the CD review first.

Essentially it is a 2 x 10W = 20W, Wi-Fi, Qualcomm AllPlay, Bluetooth, stereo speaker with an 8.5-hour battery (note power output is 8W RMS on battery).

Out of the box Panasonic SC-ALL05

The speaker unit, and a power brick.

Panasonic SC ALL05

Setup is like the ALL7CD – use the Android or iOS app for Wi-Fi or wired network (it has an Ethernet port) or manually pair Bluetooth. It has no other inputs like USB or Aux-In so it is purely a streaming device.

How does it sound?

The sound signature is quite different to the 7CD (Analytical) because it only has 2 x 10W, 6.5cm, bamboo cone speakers. It also has 2 x passive radiators that do enhance the bass on certain content.

The bass is recessed but can be punchy, mids are boosted, and treble is recessed – it is classified as Mid-centric. That is not bad for a standalone speaker and most will find it pleasant enough to listen to most genres except hard rock.

Audio signatures

While it is a compact 170 x 179 x 76 mm x 1.5 kg it packs surprisingly good volume and stereo separation. It has 10% THD so don’t wind the volume right up.

The app

Without the app, you cannot do much – the device has six pre-sets, network or Bluetooth selection and a voice setting that strips out the bass to make vocals crisper. The app is easy to use and all features have been described on ALL7CD review.

Should I buy it?

As $499 as a standalone Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speaker – no. I find the Samsung R series or the UE Booms have a better sound range.

But as part of the All Connected range it is a no brainer – yes, get it and use it in the bathroom, kitchen, outside in the garden.

I liked:

  • Panasonic build quality but the metal screen casing will suffer from knocks
  • Volume with the caveat that you don’t go about 75%
  • Ease of setup and the app
  • Design – its elegant, unobtrusive, a touch of chrome, and the backlit buttons are nice
  • Battery charge time is about 4 hours and play time is about 8.5 hours
  • Sound is good for the size and there are equaliser settings in the app. Love the voice mode switch
  • Plays MP3/ACC and FLAC/WAV

Not so much:

  • I think it needs a remote because the six pre-sets can be confusing without the app
  • Only 8W RMS on battery
  • No Aux Input
  • Voice control or handsfree speaker phone capability might have made this a killer!


It is a valuable a member of the ALL Connected family and should give years of trouble free use. Its native sound signature – mid-centric is suited for this type of streaming speaker.



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