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Meet George Jetson, his speakers, Edifier (Luna E review)

I must admit that I was a little astonished when the courier arrived with Edifier’s new e235 Luna E, THX certified, Wireless, Bluetooth speakers. The huge box weighed over 18kg – not at all what I expected from the photos.

Edifier space chairEdifier e325 headerI like unique and out-of-the-ordinary things – Edifier specialises in that! Let’s just say these fire-engine red (also in gloss black for boring people) speakers reminded me of those retro space chairs, and I had an immediate impulse to go out and buy some to match the speakers. Instead, I played the Jetsons cartoon theme song …

Set-up was amazingly easy – these are Bluetooth speakers so simply pair them with any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android (or another computing device). The sub-woofer pairs with the satellites via a button push. Cables are all keyed for easy setup.

The hardest thing is where to put them – from the images on most websites I was under the impression they were smaller than they turned out to be. They are not for a small room.

Technical specs Edifier Luna e235

  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE up to 100 metres, Qualcomm aptX codec, DSP and DRC, 3D sound
  • Optical and auxiliary inputs
  • 234W RMS, THX Certified
  • Listening modes (Music/THX/3D) for music, and home movie theatre
  • THD <5% (this is excellent considering I never got over 50% volume before risking ear damage)
  • Satellite :15W x 2 (19mm Tweeter) + 22W x 2 (82mm mid) wired, 82mm passive driver in each, 12 x 212 x 222mm
  • Wireless 5.8G Kleernet sub-woofer:160W (2 x 210mm speakers) 384 x 379 x 232mm
  • Frequency response 100Hz to 20KHz (Satellite) and 20-100Hz sub-woofer – total 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Price $799, free shipping and two-year warranty, excellent build quality
  • Optional matching 77cm satellite stands A$129.95

It comes with:

  • Optical fibre cable (Toslink)
  • RCA male to 3.5mm female adapter
  • 3.5mm audio aux cable
  • Power brick for the satellites (daisy chains from one to the other)
  • Standard power cable for the subwoofer

The system can be controlled by either the touch sensitive buttons on the active speaker or the included IR remote - functions include volume, Bluetooth track navigation and subwoofer pairing.

How does it sound?

Edifier e standsFirst, it uses the Qualcomm aptX codec and at present there is no better Bluetooth codec. It delivers low latency, CD-like quality sound from the computing device to the speakers so they can do their magic. I tested the same tracks with Bluetooth, optical fibre from an amplifier and CD/DVD and aux audio in – all sounded infinitesimally close to my ears. I suspect the sound quality is more about the original than the transmission to the speakers.

It sounds as good as it looks – sparkling treble, open, clear midrange and potent bass. It is very easy to get lost in most music genre, and it will fill a very large room and still have plenty of volume left.

  • Crisp and full treble when playing vocals and instruments
  • Solid, clear mid-range
  • Wide, deep bouncy bass at very low Hertz but not “thumping bass”
  • Good sound separation – spatial awareness

Using the “six sound signatures” it is Balanced with a hint of Analytical, so it plays music as it was intended without overt “colouration”. In any case, your streaming device will have some equaliser functionality so you can tailor it to your needs.


  • Amazing, brilliant, ergonomic, futuristic design but you will need the décor to show it off.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Does not colour the sound – a Balanced verging on Analytical approach.
  • Unusual, desirable.

Cons – no deal breakers

  • The gloss red is an absolute fingerprint magnet.
  • Not all remote-control functions can be accessed from the speaker – don’t lose the remote.
  • Conversely the remote does not have pause/mute – access that from your smartphone.
  • No volume display.
  • While the stands look wonderful, there are electrical and data cables that are harder to hide (come in via the base).
  • Maybe an iOS an Android app to control them would be good but its not necessary.
  • Maybe upgradable to a 5.1 system E255 with centre and rear satellites (not listed on Australian website).


It is a great performer, looks amazing, and you won’t buy better from the likes of B&O or other premium brands. They are avaialble online here.

I kept feeling, probably because of its size, that it is more suited to a lounge room and therefore as an AV Amp with HDMI switching, etc., but that is not what it is for – it is one of the best Bluetooth speakers you will ever buy, and it fills the home with amazing music. Go for it!

Edifier e235 lifestyle



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