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Logitech wants you in the spotlight (review)

Logitech has banned the laser pointer and introduced a new redesigned and repurposed category of “presentation remotes”.

Ironically, most presentations these days are in front of large TV screens and laser pointers don’t really work well on these anyway. Logitech’s Spotlight presentation remote is the answer.

The name Spotlight becomes evident as it installs an app for Windows 10 or MacOS that allows you to point the device at the big, or small screen and show either a spotlight (a.k.a. laser pointer), magnify a segment or circle it. It also has pointer functionality like a mouse on Chrome OS, Android, and Linux (no app).

The device is very clever – it has a built-in 3D accelerometer, gyroscope and motion sensor so when you press and hold the pointer button it centres the spotlight at that point on the screen. So if you are using multiple screens you simply point the remote at the one you want and it auto adjusts – no frequent calibration like most VR headset controllers.


Just three – pointer, next and back. All are programmable and the latter can have custom functions assigned.

The app has adjustments for:

  • Timer – you can set it for a presentation length and it will provide haptic (vibrating) feedback.
  • Pointer – set it for a spotlight (and size), magnifier or circle.
  • Long press button assignment e.g. fast forward, blank screen, volume or custom.

You can also adjust other settings – I simply used default for everything.


It has a built-in 85mAh battery that charges by USB-C (cable supplied). One minute’s charge gives three hours use and 60 minutes will give up to three months' use. It is auto-on and off.


It will connect via Bluetooth LE (30-metre range) or a Logitech USB-A dongle (supplied).


At launch, it includes an understanding of PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, Google Slide and Prezi presentations. It will also work as a highlighter on Word and Excel files – whatever is on the screen.

Who is it for?

Glossophobics (fear of public speaking) love it. While Logitech sees it as a personal device, it is equally at home in a boardroom and huddle room.

Whatever the case, it outperforms the old laser pointer, especially on TVs and projection screens. It is the preferred presentation remote of TED.

The timer function is handy as is the blank screen function and the magnify feature is very clear as it is done in the Logitech app.

Logitech spotlight

Price and availability

It comes in Gold, Slate and Silver at $199.95. OfficeWorks is a logical retailer but Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi are getting behind it and there will soon be demonstrations in Qantas Club lounges. You can also buy online at Logitech.



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