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NBN – it's like a 150-year-old train wreck Australia has already lived through a communications mix-and-match disaster.  We're doing it all over again.
Should I divorce LinkedIn and Lynda.com? As a long-time, but relatively idle user of LinkedIn, I'm quite concerned about the future.
Falling down the list Australia currently ranks fourth on the global list of countries most vulnerable to hacking.  What should we do?
UK Prime Minister Cameron - guaranteed data security will be denied If David Cameron is re-elected, data security in the UK will vanish.
Capacitor on fire in Siemens train Do we have a return of the PC exploding capacitor problem?
Did Australia track MH370? A few thoughts on the state of the search for MH370. Hint: it's not in the Indian Ocean.
When the NSA vacuum cleaners collect data, we all get sucked in.
In a unique link with local councils, Facebook will use facial recognition to connect users' timelines with street images.
Dear Facebook, Someone is irregularly trying to log into my account, either that or there's something wrong with your system.
The foaming at the mouth from the chattering classes over Yahoo's decision to ban working from home has been amusing. How about some context for…

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