Home Market Laser celebrates 30 years in IT accessory business

Laser celebrates 30 years in IT accessory business

Laser, perhaps lesser known, but nonetheless an iconic Australian consumer IT accessory company, celebrated its 30th year in business today.

Managing director Chris Lau stated, “It isn’t very often that an Australian-owned Consumer Electronics and IT Accessories company reaches the three-decade milestone, so I hope you won’t mind the obvious pride I am showing on behalf of my entire team.”

Lau reflected on the sheer number of technologies that had come and gone – his first small shop in Surry Hills sold Laser branded 5.25” floppy disks, later CD-ROM discs, and now in deference to that Lau sets the challenge to change 30% of Laser’s product line each year.

“We continually source new products based on market needs and feedback from our retail partners. 30% is a huge number by any measure, something I would suggest is industry-leading, and it constantly forces us out of our comfort zone not just in terms of new technologies, but new variants of existing technologies,” he said.

Chris Lau Laser

Part of Laser’s success as a value brand is because it has end-to-end control of its manufacturing and reacts swiftly to opportunities, Lau claims. “But this challenge also means that we give each other permission to fail. We succeed because of our failures because we work in a culture of trying, and learning from our mistakes.

“Our difference is in the consumer experience. We start with quality products which we ensure are compliant and safe. We then create our own packaging, fixing 'Chinglish' product manuals, working with app developers and posting 'how to videos'. We back this up with a national in-store training and merchandising program to ensure consumers can make an informed purchasing decision and support it with a great hassle free warranty,” he said.

Lau spoke about what is currently hot and what trends he is seeing.

“Our Navig8r sub-brand, itself 10 years old this year, is the best-selling dashcam brand in the country. From the most affordable dashcam in the market to having one of the best-featured dashcams we cover all price and feature points. Our Crashcam Pro X is unique in offering Australian State-specific school zone data, something nobody else on the market is doing. We see this category as one with huge growth still to come, we’re at the tip of the iceberg,” he said.

“We are the biggest seller of power banks in the country, and this category continues to reach new levels each month! We have introduced rugged and solar powered variants, and continue to introduce new additions based on increased capacity, function, USB-C and style,” he said.

“Looking ahead, and we also see Affordable AV and USB-C as key drivers and are also launching Amazon Alexa Wi-Fi speakers, premium certified HDMI cables, Ultra HD streaming media centres, DVD players, multi-region Blu-ray players and other affordable AV,” he said.

Lau unveiled the “gadget of the day” – a new Navig[8]R pocket selfie drone. This is a $59, four-propeller micro-drone controlled from an iOS or Android app but comes with a real manual, works out of the box, and comes with spare rotors, carry bag, and USB adaptor.

Laser selphie drone

Specialising in bespoke solutions, our product range now spans more than 13 categories and 500+ products - iTWire has a background article here. 



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