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Mapping the Telecommunications Plumbing

  • 25 February 2009
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Today, Market Clarity, a leading Australian telecommunications analyst organisation announced the availability of the "Australian Telecom Infrastructure Atlas 2009."

Never before has Australia had the ability to accurately map the location of telecommunications infrastructure.  To know where the opportunities are for development, where to run away quickly.

Market Clarity has spent a considerable amount of time and resources understanding and mapping the intricate details of Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure.

In detail, Market Clarity has an atlas of 341 maps showing backhaul fibre, long-haul microwave, ADSL, SHDSL and fixed wireless broadband connections.

"The Atlas illustrates not just the infrastructure," said Shara Evans, founder and CEO of Market Clarity. "It also provides a vivid visualisation of the interaction between different infrastructure.

"For example, we can clearly see the way that competitive broadband access infrastructure depends on backhaul competition in this country. If we want competitive broadband nationally, we must be prepared to support the deployment of large-scale competitive backhaul."

So, who would want to purchase this first-ever "complete snapshot of the nation’s telco network?"

The publishers tell us:

For regulators – the Atlas provides information about infrastructure penetration of all network types

For public policy decision makers, it provides a tool to assist in policy decision making in a national, regional or local context

For carriers, it enables assessments to existing infrastructure before committing to investment decisions, and can relate customer opportunities to their own infrastructure capabilities and those of their suppliers

For government agencies, whether Federal, State or Local, can use the Atlas to assess the telecommunications industry’s ability to meet their requirements

For corporates, the Atlas provides insight into telecommunications infrastructure available to their offices and facilities, ensuring that they aren’t committed to locations the carriers can’t properly service

For vendors, it can help to identify market opportunities.

This is an important resource, please support it.


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