Vodafone to stock Nokia 3310 3G and Nokia 3, 6 and 8 Androids

Vodafone will not only stock the brand new and very cool Nokia 3110 3G candy-bar feature phone, but will also stock the Nokia 8, 6 and 3 Androids nationwide, rolling out over the "coming weeks".

ANAO report on USO says key aspects aren't 'value for money'

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) says "there is a lack of clear evidence that a net public benefit has been realised as a direct result of the introduction of the [Telstra USO Performance Agreement] TUSOPA".

Nearly 14 million Internet users in Australia: ABS stats

Australia's Bureau of Statistics has released its latest Internet and mobile figures for Australia, dated June 2017, but do the numbers tell the whole story?

Billions at stake from tariffs elimination: ITIF

The US-based global Information Technology and Innovation Foundation research and educational institute claims that joining the Information Technology Agreement — an international pact eliminating tariffs on hundreds of information and communications technology products — could boost the economies of developing countries by billions of dollars.

NAB an early global mover with SWIFT payments tracker

National Australia Bank says it has initiated a global first with the implementation of connectivity to the new SWIFT gpi Payments Tracker via an Application Programming Interface.

Quantify touts $30m in potential sales from Harvey Norman deal

Internet of Things solutions provider Quantify Technology has signed a deal with the Harvey Norman chain of retail stores that it claims will potentially bring in $30 million in annual sales.

House panel tells NBN Co to use more fibre for rollout

A parliamentary panel has recommended that the Coalition Government direct and enable the NBN Co, the company rolling out Australia's national broadband network, to complete as much of the remaining rollout as possible using fibre.

Comm Bank executives indicted in US over alleged fraud

Two executives of the Commonwealth Bank have been indicted by a US federal grand jury in a case of alleged bribery involving IT services company ServiceMesh which was based in Santa Monica, California.

Seagate wants in on Toshiba Memory Corp, will provide 'up to' $1.25b

Seagate has announced its participation in the consortium led by Bain Capital Private Equity to acquire Toshiba Memory Corporation, and commits "up to US $1.25 billion" and "expects to enter into a long-term NAND supply agreement".

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