Last day: Telstra offers 25GB for $49pm to new Mx customers, 12-month contract

If you are content with talking to Telstra via text chat only and strictly self-managing your account (but with full text-chat support), Telstra's Mx Go Mobile Plus Online BYO plans are an interesting MVNO alternative.

April Fool: Telstra to merge with NBN Co to fix the NBN at long last

Telstra and NBN Co have announced a new merger designed to fix the NBN's problems, bringing forth Telstra's formidable expertise with the NBN's imprimatur of government to finally get the job done once and for all.

Do we need a Virtual Australia?

Data61's Professor John Taylor has put forward the idea of creating a "Virtual Australia" as a testbed for autonomous vehicles and other AI-powered products and services.

Four big ISPs achieving good NBN speeds, says ACCC

The first report from the ACCC's broadband monitoring programme shows that NBN services from iiNet, Optus, Telstra and TPG are achieving between 80% and a little over 90% of the maximum plan speeds during the busy evening period.

Uber launching new ride share app, uberPOOL

Uber is set to launch uberPOOL in Australia, following its introduction in other global markets in August 2014.

Basslink power interconnector down after contractor error

The Basslink Interconnector, the undersea data and telecommunications cable that connects Tasmania to the Australian mainland, has been hit by an outage after routine maintenance was begun on 24 March.

Ecuador cuts Assange's net connection over 'interference'

Ecuador has taken what it says is a step to prevent WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange from interfering in other countries' affairs and cut off his Internet access.

Seven sells Yahoo7 stake to Oath Media

Seven West Media has sold its 50% stake in Yahoo7 to Oath Media with the deal expected to close by the end of August.

FULL LAUNCH VIDEO: Vodafone launches new NBN plans, new Vodafone TV and free Netflix deal

Vodafone has expanded the areas where its NBN service is available, launched a new 4K HDR Android TV-powered set-top box with terrestrial TV tuner capability, and offers 12 months of Netflix on its top two NBN plans.

No vision, ‘confusion and negativity’ surround the NBN: Budde

The business model and investment model for the national broadband network has been built on a very unclear footing, "and the question can even be asked whether there is a business plan at all”, according to telecommunications analyst Paul Budde.

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