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What is so revolutionary about the new iPhones, you ask?

COMMENT Well, I haven't reviewed the new iPhones yet, and have merely fancily written up the media releases with plenty of my own thoughts, here's why they’re revolutionary.

You say you want a revolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world.

Android has changed the world, for sure, but so too has Apple, having done it first in the 70s, and now again in the 2000s, so successfully Apple is leading the technological revolution and has done so for well over a decade!

You say Android’s a real solution, but we’ve seen the plans, and we know Oreo will have a minuscule percentage of usage by the end of the year, while iOS 11 will likely be on the vast majority of compatible devices within 30 days, let alone the end of the year.

Look, if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Schmidt, you’d better free your mind instead.

So, let’s stop beating around the bush, or is that beatling around it, and let’s get on with the revolutionary aspects of the new iPhone X, which are mind bogglingly obvious, but which people are asking me to clarify (see the comments at my first iPhone X article today).

Here we go:

1. World's fastest CPU/GPU for mobile, much faster than last year. No other phone offers this or has as much power. Revolutionary.

2. World's best LCD and OLED screens with TrueTone on both types of screen – no other phone offers this. At all. Revolutionary – your eyes will thank you for it!

3. ARKit for AR – Google has weakly copied Apple's ARKit with its ARCode, but we all know Apple will now race ahead with a massive AR revolution, the best and most detailed and graphically capable AR apps as demonstrated in the demo today, Android will try to copy but from a position of weakness and stunning fragmentation. Google has had two or three years of headstart on AR and utterly squandered it. Another Apple revolution.

4. Wireless charging is a catch up, sure, no question, but Apple will now take this future technology, and ensure it is widely distributed, far more efficiently and effectively than Google, Nokia or anyone else has despite YEARS of trying. That is going to be a massive revolution, wireless power will spread and Apple is set to deliver true wireless power the way Wi-Fi works in the next year or two (this is public knowledge, look up Energous or Ossia's COTA).

5. The most advanced facial recognition that even works in the dark. Windows Hello? Windows Goodbye – and barely anyone uses Windows Hello. Virtually every iPhone X user is going to use Face ID, and it will be presumably be standard on iPhone 9 or whatever it is called next year. Face ID vastly more powerful than that of Samsung or Microsoft? Revolutionary.

6. Animoji. I remember a weak attempt to do this with Logitech cameras years ago. Animoji will be revolutionarily fun! And exclusive to iPhone X.

7. Twin cameras with depth and Portrait Lighting. Did you see this feature yet or have you only read about it? Revolutionary!

8. Charging Pad — AirPower — not due until 2018, but intelligently wirelessly charge three devices at once, iPhone, Apple Watch Series 3 and new optional wireless charging case for AirPods – revolutionarily cool.

Where are the charging pads from five or so years ago that could do the same thing? Can you still buy them? Apple will popularise this out of sight. Future distributed to all. Revolutionary!!

9. Edge to edge screen. Sure, LG has it. Samsung has it. Even Xiaomi has it. Apple will popularise it to a vastly greater degree than all these players put together.

Sure, it helps Note 8 has it, and Note 8 has some very, very impressive tech, too. But unless history is not a guide, Apple will sell vastly more iPhone X models than Samsung will sell Note 8. Revolutionary tech that changes the face of the iPhone as we know it.

Yes, others have introduced some of these things. Rarely have all of these things arrived on a single model before now, at least, none with iOS.

iOS 11 is also a great upgrade. Yes, Android has Oreo as well, but in less than a month, the vast majority of Apple's compatible iPhones will be running iOS 11.

Android Oreo will have a measly few percent, if that, in the same timeframe.

R E V O L U T I O N A R Y!!!

Getting your almost entire user base to move en masse to a new OS, effortlessly, so quickly, year after year, is a continued revolution.

Not even Microsoft can copy that. No-one can.

There are more revolutions in the new iPhone X besides. I'll add more here, but there are more. iPhone is the world's most advanced smartphone, even in the face of fierce Note8 competition, thanks to its CPU, GPU, AR and app library – but I'll certainly look forward to putting both through their paces, and see how both Apple and Android advance the state of their respective arts throughout the of 2017, into 2018 and beyond.

The modern Apple revolution started in 2007. In 2017, it continues, and instead of slowing down, it is gaining pace. Prepare for the biggest super-cycle of iPhone sales seen yet – revolutionary!



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