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iTWire wishes you a Happy New Year!

With 2016 now well and truly behind us, here’s to a fantastic 2017 with plenty of awe-inspiring technology to come!

It’s 2017 at long last. Donald Trump takes office on 20 January, but it’s also the year of endless Windows 10 updates, the new 10th-generation iPhone, an iPad Pro 2, iOS 11, Android Wear 2, more VR and AR, more digital transformation, hybrid clouds and revolutionary evolutions.

There will be surprises and shocks. There will be disappointments and delights. There will be attacks on privacy and freedom, while blows will be struck to keep privacy and freedom alive.

Hackers will grow ever bolder, while security boffins will have ever more powerful protections in the offing.

Ethics in journalism, politics, business and life will continue being concerns. Mobile’s inexorable march to dominance and presumed eventual implantation directly into your brain will continue wending its way from science fiction to science fact.

Brexit will still be much further away from actually happening than the vote in the first place, as dark forces try stopping the exit rather than helping to hasten it.

Australia’s political situation looks as hopeless as ever, with both sides of politics the most useless Australia has seen since Federation – it really is dismal, and the long-mooted change of PM may be the only bright spot should it actually happen before the people make it so via the ballot box.

But all of this is yet to be seen, even the good stuff, just to see how good it is. Or the alternative.

Some people might even actually like the politicians in Australia, just as some people apparently like Windows or Android as others like iOS and Macs.

Social media will continue ensuring its product is you, by getting into your face as much as possible while throwing the book at the concept of privacy.

And… celebrities of older age groups may well find themselves, at their appointed times, moving on to the next world.

Still, as long as you’re here, things will be good. We’ll work hard to have the greatest 2017 the universe has ever seen. The biggest CES yet. The most amazing Mobile World Congress. The coolest advances in wireless.

And yes, even the NBN Co will end up connecting a few more houses this year, even if FttDP and DOCSIS 3.1 should be accelerated immediately, if not outright replaced by FttP ASAP.

iTWire will also continue bringing you the news, views, reviews and interviews you read us for, and we look forward to bringing it all to you.

Thank you for being loyal iTWire readers, and here’s to a truly wonderful 2017 for us all!

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