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Australia’s first Tier 4 data centre – Micron21

If it absolutely needs to be up 99.995% of the time – come hell or high water - then the new Brocade equipped Micron21 data centre in Melbourne is the only choice.

Data centres are classified by Tiers – one being the lowest and four being the highest – a gold standard that few can achieve. Although the difference between Tier one and four availabilities is just .324% that can be make or break depending on your application. Over a year it adds up – Tier one is allowed to be off-line for 1,729.224 minutes and Tier 4 for a total of 26.28 minutes!

Micron21 Datacentre Pty Ltd (Micron 21) is one of the few vertically integrated data centre-based service providers in Australia. It has extended its reliance on Brocade networking solutions to deliver new points of presence, services, and capacity to its growing global network.

Privately owned Micron21 owns the complete data centre infrastructure stack, giving it full control over every aspect of its Australian data centre operations, which it sells directly to corporate and government clients. Its unique communication capacity supports the secure flow of data across the world to over 1500 directly connected global networks (peering) on a daily basis, making Micron21 network AS38880 the most connected peered network in Australia.

“Having full control enables us to do things—such as offering geographically redundant, fault-tolerant IP networking—that others find a challenge. And we’re now applying that end-to-end approach to the global stage,” said James Braunegg, managing director of Micron21.

Read on about how this peering can help in reducing the effect of crippling Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Apart from a highly fault-tolerant site infrastructure, Micron21 has differentiated its offerings with a highly successful DDoS Protection as a Service offering. With five global data scrubbing centres, data is scrubbed at the network edge as close to the source as possible. This approach helps ensure that only clean traffic flows across the network.

The addition of Brocade MLXe Core Routers in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Singapore has provided Micron21 with the basis for network transformation. The offering is currently in operation at multiple high-profile Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Web hosting companies, as well as numerous enterprise networks and government departments.

“One of Australia’s major ISP’s was able to resolve a critical DDoS attack. The Brocade based network underpinned our ability to have the entire ISP network up and running within 12 hours,” Braunegg said.

The company is experiencing 30 percent year-over-year growth and has expanded its reliance on Brocade, now routing its entire network across Brocade infrastructure. Despite the recent addition of 700 Gbps of bandwidth across the global network—200 Gbps in Asia, Europe, and North America with another 100 Gbps in Australia - Micron21 aims to expand the network exponentially if required, characterizing itself as faster and more agile than typical data centre providers.

“Micron21 is an entrepreneurial success story that showcases the opportunities that can be realized with the right approach and network offerings. By taking the New IP networking approach, Micron21 utilizes Brocade solutions to enable the business needs of the next layer of end users,” said Gary Denman, senior director for Australia and New Zealand, Brocade. “Innovation in this instance for DDoS attacks depends on Brocade product reliability and openness to deliver services via local cross connections, in some instances available on demand. Not only are these product offerings compelling, they are certainly more relevant to today’s business environment.”


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