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NBN – it's not all bad news (part 3) Full steam ahead! My NBN connection is finally showing the kind of speeds of which it should be capable.
NBN – it's not all bad news (part 2) Things started well when I got connected to the NBN and then I ran into a snag. But it wasn't what you're probably thinking.
NFL a flop for Amazon Prime Video? There's no indication that live NFL matches are a drawcard for Amazon Prime Video in Australia.
NBN Co drops tiers, talks speed without mentioning speeds NBN Co used to talk about the various tiers of service it offered. Now, presumably due to the shortcomings of the multi-technology mix, it refers…
Will our iPhone prices get Trumped? One analyst has suggested that the rest of the world may have to pay for the additional cost of manufacturing iPhones in the US triggered…
Apple 2016 'shopping event' is this Friday It's that time of year: Apple's pre-Christmas "one-day shopping event" is happening again this Friday.
macOS Sierra – good news for iOS users, ho-hum for the Mac-only crowd If you don't use an iPhone or iPad, the headline features of macOS Sierra aren't very exciting.
.au direct registrations: a regrettable decision? The news that auDA has decided to go ahead with direct registrations in the .au namespace is disappointing, but not surprising.
Why iPhone SE makes sense Apple's decision to introduce the small-form-factor iPhone SE has been bagged in some quarters. But it makes sense.

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