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Dropbox not slack about Slack integration

Dropbox Paper for Slack has arrived, letting you “connect the space you and your team create and share work in, with the space where you all communicate".

If you’re a Dropbox and Slack user, and wish for integration so that you can “focus less on managing programs, and more on managing work”, then your dreams have come true.

Both companies say they’re “really stoked to announce a new integration between Dropbox Paper and Slack” so your “content and conversations stay together as you move between the two – so your team (and the teams they work with) can stay on the same page and find information easily.”

So, what are the benefits of Dropbox Paper for Slack? 

Well, to start with, before any benefits can flow, you need to start by connecting Dropbox Paper and Slack, which we’re told is “super easy” to do. 

Once you’ve done that, we’re told there are a “few tricks at your disposal to help you get started.”

1. Paste a Paper link in Slack, get a preview.

“Slack now automatically display’s your doc’s title, plus the first few paragraphs and the first image. You can see who last edited the Paper document, and when they did it.”

Here’s an animated gif to explain more:

2. Type “/paper new [title]” and get a new Paper doc right in your Slack chat!

“Having a moment of clarity amongst the memes? Now you can start writing your Dropbox Paper document right in Slack. It automatically saves so you won’t lose anything in the unlikely chance you get distracted.”

3. Type “/paper [search terms]” in Slack to search for any Paper docs you’ve created

“Find that team doc without ever missing a beat. This will help add context to a group chat, or just provide the receipts. Oh, this integration works in Slack Shared Channels too, so you can work in Dropbox Paper with companies and groups outside your office.”

Naturally, Dropbox says “it’s pretty good, but we gave our friends at Patreon a chance to try the integration for themselves.”

Dropbox tells us that “the team at Patreon run a subscription service for creators to earn a living behind the scenes, so for them, keeping conversations on the same page as content is super important.

Patreon’s creator marketing manager Christine Donaldson said; “Slack is for instant communication, and then Paper is where all of our living, breathing documents go. And it's amazing to have the two joined together.

“It reduces the bootup time from ‘Let’s start a doc for this’, to actually getting into collaboration mode with teammates. And that means we have so much extra time to create more ideas, together.”

Dropbox says it is “really proud to be helping businesses like Patreon do their best work, and we hope to add you to the list".

You can try the integration for yourself today


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