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Tibco goes serverless with AWS

Integration and analytics vendor Tibco is working with Amazon Web Services to provide integration support for AWS Lambda Serverless Compute.

Tibco adds to Connected Intelligence Cloud

Integration and analytics vendor Tibco has added Tibco Cloud Messaging and Tibco Cloud Spotfire to its Connected Intelligence Cloud.

Tibco adds microgateway to its open source offerings

Integration and analytics vendor Tibco has released its open source event-driven microgateway along with a new version of Project Flogo for deep learning microservices.

Tibco frees up enterprise-class messaging

Integration and analytics vendor Tibco is making its local and distributed messaging software available free of charge, and has introduced a new cloud-based messaging platform.

Innovation before security not serving industry well: ID expert

Online banking has led the way in innovation before security and this is a major reason why the security environment is what it is today, Richard Cookes, country manager ANZ of identity and access management company One Identity, claims.

Offshore law firm braces for Panama Papers-style exposé

Bermuda law firm Appleby is bracing for an exposé similar to the Panama Papers case, after receiving inquiries from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists about a data breach that occurred last year.

Mobile dating apps leak all kinds of user data: study

Nine mobile dating apps analysed by Kaspersky Labs have been found to be leaking data of one kind or another, with some allowing the discovery of the identity of the users.

Samsung activates Galaxy Tab Active2, a ruggedised tablet 'optimised for business'

It's not just Panasonic that's in the ruggedised Android tablet space, but Samsung too, with its second-generation Enhanced Galaxy Tab Active2. 

VIDEO Interview: Equinix Australia MD Jeremy Deutsch talks data centres, late 2017

Near the end of second decade in the 21st century, data centres are the globally interconnected data repositories of everything we do online today, with Equinix one of the best in the business.

Using big data in the fight against slavery

What can one person do to combat the evils of human trafficking? Can we, as technology professionals, use our skills to effect good in the world? The answer is yes, says the Global Emancipation Network.

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