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Govt plan to share data on threats to help SMBs

The federal government's plan to share data on cyber security collected by intelligence agencies will benefit small and medium-sized businesses the most, a Telstra official claims.

AR to be worth US $27b by 2027, AR Wars and Google Glass, Ep II

With Google bringing Google Glass back to market for enterprise customers, risking the “Glassh*le” revival, Glass 2.0’s upgrades bring Google back as an AR player, but it’s not the only one.

RFID market to reach US $11.2b in 2017, plenty of room to grow

The RFID market has plenty of room to grow over the next decade, with less than 20% penetration of the total addressable market for apparel alone in 2017, let alone everything else RFID is being used for.

Immunity's Aitel alleges Hutchins had role in WannaCry

Even as many security researchers rallied around Briton Marcus Hutchins, who was arrested in the US last week on allegations of creating the banking trojan, Kronos, the head of security firm Immunity, Dave Aitel, has cast the cat among the pigeons by claiming that Hutchins was also behind the WannaCry ransomware.

US mulling complete federal ban on Kaspersky products

Things are about to get worse for Kaspersky Lab in the US with the US Senate set to consider banning the use of its software in all federal agencies, using a provision in the National Defence Authorisation Act.

WannaCry hero Hutchins gets bail over malware charges

British security researcher Marcus Hutchins, who accidentally stopped the spread of the WannaCry ransomware that was affecting Windows machines in May, has been given bail by a court in Las Vegas after he was arrested in the US last week.

Open-source advocate sued over comments on kernel hardening group

A group that supplies a hardening patch for the Linux kernel has sued a well-known free and open-source practitioner for claiming that the patches in question violate the licence under which the kernel is distributed.

Is it time for the smart data centre?

The idea of a data centre that can determine when and how to apply its resources isn't far off, according to an HDS executive.

Cerber ransomware can steal cryptorurrencies from Windows PCs

The Cerber ransomware, which is known to be a rapidly evolving ransomware family, has changed again and can now steal cryptocurrencies.

Vault 7: Windows tool for monitoring webcams detailed

WikiLeaks has published more documents from its CIA trove, detailing a project named Dumbo that can suspend processes utilising webcams and corrupt video recordings that could get in the way of a deployment by a special CIA group.

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