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Main CERT/CC website quietly taken off the air

The website for the Computer Emergency Readiness Team Co-ordination Centre has been shuttered with little fanfare, with the link to the site now redirecting to its parent group, Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon.

US will go ahead and deny H-1B spouses work visas

Moves by the US to deny the spouses of H-1B visa holders the right to work, a privilege granted by the Obama administration, will go ahead though they will be delayed by a court case.

French researcher finds flaws in site of Indian state-owned telco

A French security researcher, who goes by the handle Elliot Alderson on his Twitter account, the name of the fictional hacker in the TV show Mr Robot, has uncovered several vulnerabilities in the database of India's state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited telecommunicationa company.

Bitdefender releases decryption tool for Gandcrab ransomware

Security firm Bitdefender has released a tool for decrypting files that have been encrypted by the Gandcrab ransomware that attacks Windows computers.

Logitech adds support for more apps to CRAFT keyboard

Peripherals manufacturer Logitech has added support for photo-editing application Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Reader DC on Windows and Preview and Quicktime on macOS to its CRAFT keyboard which was launched last month.

But what about real-world security, asks PaperCut chief

Digital data security is all well and good, but the physical world should not be neglected because it is there that major breaches often happen, the chief executive of Melbourne-based PaperCut Software says.

First mobile network on Moon being planned

Mobile networks on Earth have some way to go before they meet the needs of humans but companies are already casting their eyes into space, with the first network on the Moon being planned.

GitHub hit by biggest ever DDoS at 1.35Tbps

The software hosting repository GitHub was totally inaccessible for five minutes on Wednesday evening US time, following what is claimed to be the biggest distributed denial of service attack ever recorded.

UpGuard silent on why it pulled Capital One breach claims

Security firm UpGuard is remaining silent about the removal of a blog post from its website wherein it was claimed that a cloud-based data storage repository, used by business analytics software provider Birst, was left unsecured, resulting in data about financial services firm Capital One, among others, being exposed.

Privacy project Tor claimed to be in US Government's pocket

In an explosive revelation, the Tor Project, which produces a browser said to be the gold standard for privacy, is being funded by the US Government agency BBG and co-operates with American intelligence agencies, a report claims.

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