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Gemalto launches SafeNet Data Protection On Demand

SafeNet Data Protection on Demand is Gemalto's data security-as-a-service product for enterprises and managed service providers.

Claim Aussie companies don’t meet consumer expectations on data protection

Australian businesses are failing to meet consumer expectations of protecting their personal information, with 45% of Australian consumers reportedly having been notified by a company or government agency that their personal information was lost or stolen because of data breaches.

VMware moves towards being cloud-based networking vendor

Cloud computing and platform virtualisation software and services provider VMware has announced that it is buying VeloCloud Networks, a provider of software-defined wide-area network technology, for an unspecified sum.

GPL bodies in bizarre trademark fight

Senior Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman has claimed he asked the Linux Foundation to withdraw funding from the Software Freedom Conservancy back in 2016, because he was unhappy with the way in which the SFC went about enforcing compliance with the GPL, the licence under which the Linux kernel is published.

Superloop acquires Wi-Fi services provider for $12m

Networking and infrastructure group Superloop has signed an agreement to buy managed connectivity services provider GX2 Holdings for $6 million in cash plus $4 million in Superloop shares.

VIDEO: Hut34 claims world-first platform-agnostic network for Chatbots, IoT, AI and more

We recently heard from SingularityNET seeking to create an AI marketplace, but they're not the only ones out there wanting to spark the AI Chatbot IoT intelligently connected everything.

Deloitte named leader in business transformation

International consulting firm Deloitte announced today it has been named a leader in Business Transformation in the latest Forrester report.

Laying of southern portion of Hawaiki cable set to start

The laying of the Hawaiki cable system from Sydney and then across the Pacific Ocean is poised to get underway, with more than 6500km of undersea fibre-optic cable on board the TE Subcom cable ship Responder berthed in the harbour city.

DocuSign coming onshore in 2018

Digital signature provider DocuSign plans to start offering its services from within Australia next year.

ACMA hits TPG with $360,000 fine over spam

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has fined ISP TPG Internet $360,000 over the violation of the Spam Act 2003.

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