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Foxtel bill phishing scam looks indistinguishable from real bill – at first glance

An iTWire colleague received a fake bill from Foxtel noting an automatic payment did not work, and it looked so convincing, it almost succeeded – but thankfully, didn't.

15 months into probe, NSA unaware how exploits leaked

The NSA's counter-intelligence arm, the Q Group, and the FBI have no clue as to how exploits created by the NSA's Tailored Access Operations group leaked to the outside world, despite 15 months of investigation.

MNF connects Office 365 to PSTN

MNF Group's new MNF Enterprise brand has announced a service that enables external calling from Office 365.

Amazon may launch Marketplace in time for big sales days

Australian suppliers attending Amazon's Marketplace sellers summit in Sydney today expect the retailing giant to kick off its operations in Australia on or around 24 November in order to coincide with its annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping promotions.

Riverbed, Zscaler team up on cloud transformation solution

Application performance solutions provider Riverbed Technology has launched a joint solution with cloud security company Zscaler designed to enable organisations to securely transform to the cloud.

Data analysis helps retailers prepare for $48b Xmas shopping splurge

Online and bricks and mortar retailers are making better use of data analytics tools to streamline services ahead of the expected $48 billion Christmas spending splurge by shoppers, according to the National Retail Association (NRA).

Microsoft teams up with third parties for AV defence

Romanian security company Bitdefender has signed an agreement with Microsoft, whereby the latter will use its technology to provide security for endpoints in organisations that use mac OS and Linux.

Cylance ducks query about stored malware used in demo

American security firm Cylance has refused to say whether stored malware samples that it used in a product demonstration in Melbourne were really malware as they were made out to be.

Fake Windows Movie Maker attempts to extort users

A fake version of Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft's free video editing software that was pulled by the company in January, has been attracting a large number of downloads.

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