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Chinese Govt altering national threat database records: claim

China has altered dates in its national vulnerability database to try and make it appear that serious vulnerabilities were published ahead of the US national threat database.

Twilio introduces Flex, the 'world's first' fully programmable cloud contact centre platform

In a world where your call is important to us, one cloud-enabled platform claims full programmability for its contact centre smarts that can save the world with instant deployment.

UpGuard issues update, says Capital One security not affected

Security firm UpGuard has published an updated version of its account of how a cloud-based data storage repository, used by business analytics software provider Birst, was left unsecured.

Hacking Team's spying tool has resurfaced, says ESET

Samples of Remote Control System, the surveillance tool sold by the Italian outfit Hacking Team until it was hacked in 2015, have surfaced and been noticed in 14 countries, the Slovakian security firm ESET claims.

VMware cloud services expansion claimed to accelerate and simplify multi-cloud adoption

Global virtualisation vendor VMware has announced an expanded cloud services portfolio, designed to help customers better manage the complexity and risk of multiple cloud environments while ensuring consistent IT operations both on- and off-premises.

McAfee's latest Threats Report shows 8 new cyber threats every second, novel techniques abound

Cyber security company McAfee reports "record suggest in health care attacks, fileless mawalre, and cryptocurrency mining", with 59% YoY ransomware growth, new Mac OS malware yet new mobile malware decreasing by 35%, and plenty more.

Regional Australians ‘disadvantaged’ by latest spectrum auction: Labor

The move to 5G mobile services in regional Australia and metropolitan areas has taken a further step forward with the Federal Government’s announcement that 125 MHz of spectrum in the 3.6 GHz band will be sold at competitive auction.

CCleaner compromise: keylogger may have been present

Czech security company Avast says it has found evidence of ShadowPad, a specialised tool used by a specific group of cyber criminals, installed on four computers at Piriform, a company it acquired last year.

Linux faces malware threat 'due to operating environment'

Linux is becoming open to more malware threats because of the applications and programming languages that can be used as a means to attack components of the open-source operating system when used in a server environment, a senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab claims.

Sofacy threat group shifting attention to Far East: claim

A Russian-speaking online threat actor, known as Sofacy, has been observed to be shifting its attention to the Far East, and showing interest in military, defence and diplomatic organisations, the security firm Kaspersky Lab claims.

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