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Optus lifts quarterly revenue to $2.1b, boosts customer base

Optus has reported a rise in operating revenue for the first quarter of 4.8% to $2.1 billion and an increased focus on postpaid customers saw the telco add over 54,000 postpaid subscribers for the three months. 

Vault 7: CouchPotato can capture video from remote streams

WikiLeaks has released details of a tool known as CouchPotato from its stash of CIA documents, in the latest leak of what began on 7 March and what it called the biggest dump of security material in history.

Microsoft laptops lose reliability tick from consumer goods testing site

The American consumer goods testing publication Consumer Reports has removed its "recommended" mark from four Microsoft laptops because of poor reliability compared to most other brands.

Kaspersky, Microsoft make peace; anti-trust motions dropped

Cyber security vendor Kaspersky Lab has dropped its anti-trust actions against Microsoft after the latter agreed to make changes to address the concerns the former had raised in its plaints to Russian, German and European Commission authorities.

Five steps to avoiding ransomware hell

There are various ways of keeping ransomware at bay, but in case it does slip through your defences some fairly simple precautions can make it easier to recover.

Adelaide team finds USB connections can leak data

Researchers at the University of Adelaide say that USB connections can leak information, making them less secure than once thought.

Salesforce employees sacked after DEFCON talk on pentesting tool

Two employees of Salesforce were fired soon after they finished giving a talk at the recent DEFCON security conference in Las Vegas.

Endpoint security firm leaking terabytes of data

Endpoint security software vendor Carbon Black has been found to be exfiltrating data from several Fortune 1000 companies due to the architecture of its Cb Response software, the information security services and managed services provider DirectDefense claims.

Claims that Ethernet switch market decimated by cloud contested

The ANZ head of a company that sells networking equipment has contested claims made by IDC that the business market for Ethernet switches is being affected by the spread of cloud computing.

Teenagers charged over allegedly running huge DDoS operation

Two Israeli teenagers, who have been alleged to have co-founded and run a company used for launching distributed denial of service attacks, have been arrested and indicted on conspiracy and hacking charges.

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